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Steve and Doug at Patriot Automotive are old school expert auto mechanics. When other shops have problems diagnosing problems, even after getting you to pay $100 for a diagnostic test, Steve and Doug can listen to an engine and under a minute give you a handful of possibilities for the problem, one of which is always correct. As a customer, I want an expert mechanic but I also want someone who is fair and honest. Steve has a big sign up in his shop that reads “Professionals Take Pride in their Work.” This is not just an empty phrase at Patriot Auto – it’s how business is done. I’ve been taking my 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis, which has 232,000 miles on it, to Steve for years and the reason it’s still running smoothly is because of the care it’s received over the years at Patriot Auto. For me, there’s no better test of the service at Patriot Automotive than this.

Mike B. – Acton

Steve actually understands what I’m talking about when I describe a problem my car is having. I’ve got a lot of confidence in his expertise. What a relief!

Mary Lee F. – Acton

Always pleasant to deal with. Work is always efficient and prompt. Honest, dependable, reliable service.

Danoa. – Concord

Steve and Doug are great mechanics! I will always bring my cars to them!

Dick B. – Chelmsford


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